Stanhope, one of the UK’s leading development companies, has been selected to build the £210m Retail/Leisure Quarter on the 12 .5 acre Livestock Market site when the market is relocated to an out of town site. The new Retail Quarter should be completed by 2012, creating an extended and vibrant city centre shopping destination. Hereford will be getting a new department store, a multi-screen cinema, modern hotel with banqueting facilities, multi-storey car park, Waitrose food hall, a range of quality shops, wine bars and restaurants, and approximately 200 homes integrated into the retail/leisure quarter.

Stanhope are preparing detailed plans for the new Retail/Leisure Quarter in readiness for the start of a lengthy period of public consultation on the proposals later in 2008, prior to a planning application being submitted to Herefordshire Council.

London based Stanhope, established 20 years ago, has since delivered projects worth over £12bn, mostly in central London, also undertaking town centre regeneration schemes in Bracknell, Stevenage and Croydon. They were chosen, from a short list of three, after impressing ESG and Herefordshire Council with their unwavering passion and commitment to quality and local distinctiveness. It was felt they would achieve a natural extension to the existing city centre, and build on Hereford’s enormous natural assets as a unique and special ‘Place To Be.’

The prime aim of the developer and ESG, is to fuse the existing city centre, based on High Town, with the new development on the old Livestock Market, just a few minutes walk away, and the Courtyard Theatre – they will complement each other. Hereford United’s Edgar Street football ground remains where it is, and will be redeveloped by the club.

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Aerial photo showing the approximate boundary of the Retail Quarter

Shopping in Hereford

Shoppers in Hereford