As everyone in the county knows, transport is a challenging issue! In an isolated, rural county, public transport is limited, and reliance on the private car is predominant. As a part of ESG’s strategy to improve access to and use of public transport, the idea of an Integrated Transport Hub was born. Whilst some of the ideas within this concept were in the masterplan launched for consultation in mid 2007, a number of others have been incorporated since.
The ideas have gelled into a much more complete transport facility which really will make a difference to the traveller.

The following are thought to be some of the key components of such a transport hub, with the rush hour demands placing the greatest pressure:

– Open, wide and well drained pavements, with benches and other resting facilities readily available and appropriate to place and to the wide variety of users. Shelter provided at key waiting areas, in keeping with the environment.
– Responsive left luggage capability.

– Plenty of cycle parking and securing facilities
– A hire point close to the main cycleways and the station entrance, complete with showering/changing facilities and left luggage.

– Comprising current City and Country buses, and future Park & Ride Hopper buses.
– Quality covered interchange and waiting areas for passengers, easily accessible from the Station, and from Commercial Road.
– Safe entrance and egress from the interchange.

– Head of Queue to the side of the main Station frontage, but within good views between cab and Station entrances/exits, and good connectivity with customers.
– Queuing access well provided, but away from centre of hub user activities.

– A facility for the pick-up and drop-off of hired vehicles, whatever the propulsion mode.

– Adequate short and long term parking facility, expected to be multi-storey (MSCP).
– Pick-up and drop-off that is convenient to the main hub components.
– Minimal interfaces when moving with other hub users.

– Adequate and safe direct accesses to Commercial Road, both northward over the bridge and southward towards Commercial Square: Steps and ramps; cycleways; use of MSCP for lifts?
– Revised road junctions and traffic control measures to assist with road crossings.
Welfare Facilities
– Centralised ‘Help Desk’, with phone nodes around, for all transportation modes.
– An integrated and responsive (real-time) passenger information system.
– Preferably a centralised and multi-services ticket acquisition facility.
– Variety of refreshment and other retail outlets.
– Tourist and visitor centre, preferably within the station complex.
– Support services: medical, police, stress relief, cleaning, etc.

– Better utilisation of the Station itself.
– Integration with Morrisons Car Park opposite.
– Major revision of the link road/Commercial Street/Brook Retail Park junction to improve flow of people.
– Linkages of cycleways: Rotherwas with the West Way

To further develop the concept, ESG will be holding workshops and consultation events during 2008. These will be publicised in the local press and through the website. In the meantime, tell us what you think the facility should include.

Sketch of one of the ideas for Station Square and the surrounding area.

Concept sketch for Transport Hub.

Artist's impression of how Station Square may look.

Artist’s impression of how Station Square could look.