A year ago ESG Herefordshire unveiled its Masterplan for the regeneration of Hereford and invited the public to comment on the proposals for redeveloping 100 acres close to the historic core of the city, including the old livestock market.

Now, after listening to public views, ESG has made several significant changes and the revised Masterplan was unveiled at a public meeting at The Courtyard on Tuesday July 8.

Jonathan Bretherton, chief executive of ESG, said: "The adoption of the Masterplan is a key step as it establishes the template for the overall Hereford regeneration project for the next 15 years, and signals the start of the detailed design and planning stages in readiness for work to start."

He added: "We have all spent years talking about the desperate need to revitalise Hereford as a major shopping and business centre, and now, with the Masterplan formally in place, we can begin to turn words into action. However, ESG and our development partners will continue to consult with the public prior to each phase of the development being submitted for planning consent."

Stanhope, appointed to develop the retail quarter on the old livestock market, will launch public consultation on its proposals towards the end of the year, with a formal planning application likely in March next year.

Meanwhile, ESG and Herefordshire Council will shortly be announcing which affordable housing developer has been chosen to manage the building of 1000 homes, over 300 of them in the affordable category, in the Blackfriars Urban Village, a project gaining national recognition as a new concept in community living.

Before any of this development work can start, four strategic projects must be completed: Relocation of the livestock market; alleviation of Yazor Brook flooding; build a multi-storey car park to serve the eastern city centre; build the new link road and public transport hub. "Having the infrastructure in place is a prerequisite for delivery of the retail quarter or urban village and our timescales have allowed for this," said Jonathan Bretherton.

The key changes to the Masterplan are: