Gary Bourne & Alistair Shaw of Stanhope at the livestock market with a model of their proposals.

Stanhope, the developer chosen to revitalise Hereford as a shopping centre with a new retail and leisure complex on the site of the old livestock market, sees its task in the ‘wider context of the city as a whole.’
Gary Bourne, a director of the firm, said: "The new development should undeniably retain the special character and charm of the city, a natural extension of the town which maximises the opportunity for accessibility to the historic core, the cathedral and the river. Hereford’s unique identity is to be treasured and preserved at all costs."
The plan is to create an environment where mixed use works at its very best; diversity will be the aim and niche shopping will be part of the strategy.
It is Hereford’s built environment and the rich texture in architecture which attracts visitors and the architectural quality of the new development will need to match this, said London based Gary, who after eight months preparing Stanhope’s bid for the project, says he has already fallen in love with the city.
He added: "The real vision and success of the development will be in its contribution to the city as a whole, and how its success can lead to greater benefits, including employment growth, education and tourism. To us, it is the springboard to the success of the overall masterplan and to ensure the city thrives through a series of inter-locking district quarters."
But change, he said, will not happen without a sense of vision at the outset and an open and honest approach to the serious hard work that lies ahead.