The ESG project is about the future. It is vital, therefore, that today’s young generation play a full part in helping to plan what the future will be. By the time development work is completed in 15 years time, many of today’s schoolchildren will be married and have families of their own. At ESG, consulting with YOU is a prime objective.

Currently, Herefordshire loses many of its brightest youngsters because of a lack of local job opportunities. Another gripe is a lack of entertainment/leisure facilities for the young. We have got plans to tackle both. It is estimated 1,500 new jobs will be created, and the Hereford project will also help the county market towns to prosper, and grow. A long awaited multi-screen cinema is included in the Retail Quarter and a new night life will bring an extra buzz to the city centre. So drop us some of you thoughts of what night life are you thinking of and what you are keen on doing.

Equally important, is ensuring that young people are properly equipped to deal with the challenges ahead, and improved training and higher education will be promoted by ESG. Andrew Marson, a recently retired head teacher, has joined the ESG Board to develop close links with local schools so that students can learn about the developments as they progress and at the same time contribute their own ideas to this once in a lifetime opportunity to play a part in creating a ‘New Hereford’ – one in which the youth of today will be able to grow up, find a worthwhile career and bring up their own families.

More and more foreign workers come to Herefordshire every year and we must make them feel welcome and help integrate into society. That’s why education is the key thing to get them involved. Any thoughts and ideas? No matter whether you are local or an immigrant, your ideas are equally valuable to us.

We have got some bright ideas for the new Hereford and we also need to know what YOU think and want to see in redeveloped Hereford so come on, share your thoughts with us no matter how unbelievable or unrealistic they are – together we can make Hereford an attractive place to live and work.

What would you like to see in ‘New Hereford’? Any dream will do!

Also we will be collecting the old and current images of the ESG area and putting them onto our website, so if you have got any exciting photos and are keen to share them, we will be happy to place them on our site.

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Winners of the schools competition to design their own Retail Quarter

Relaxing at the Left Bank